The safety and security of everyone who attends a course at Sedbergh is of utmost importance to us and we are committed to providing the highest standard of safeguarding and to promoting the health and welfare of our attendees.


Dee Adamson our wonderful on-site professional runs her department and training around 4 big rocks.


Open daily conversations between the welfare team, house parents, coaches, and children


Each adult is trained and prompted to constantly notice shifts in behaviour or attitude whilst in our company and action appropriately


Having the ability to sit and listen is just as powerful as having all the answers


Recognition or affirmation that our children and their feelings or opinions are valid or worthwhile

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Activate is an injury prevention exercise programme that can be integrated into training and pre-match sessions. Exercises are designed to improve functional and core strength, balance, and agility, helping players with the game’s physical demands.

Regularly doing Activate exercise can:

  • Improve playing performance.
  • Prepare players for the physical demands of the game.
  • Reduce the risk of injury including concussion, as well as support rehabilitation post injury.​
  • Mean more players are available (due to less players being injured).


The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a screening tool used to evaluate seven fundamental movement patterns in individuals with no current pain complaint or musculoskeletal injury. The FMS is not intended to diagnose orthopedic problems but rather to demonstrate opportunities for improved movement in individuals. The screen is designed to place an individual in extreme positions where movement deficits become noticeable if appropriate stability and mobility are not used. Even though individuals are performing an activity or sport at a high level, it has been observed that many of these same individuals are limited in fundamental movement. This leads to the use of compensatory movements in order to achieve or maintain the level of performance needed for the activity. The inefficient use of compensation during movement will lead to poor biomechanics that limit gains in performance and reduces the body’s ability to remain adaptable and durable against the risks of being involved in the activity or sport.


All the children attending one of our residential courses will be housed in one of Sedbergh School's nine boarding houses, six boys houses and three girls, with boys and girls being in separate accommodation.  The majority of rooms at the school are single, but there are also a selection of shared rooms in each house ranging from twins up to 5 bed shared rooms. We will always do our very best to keep courses to the same house and also to room groups of friends with, or next to each other on a best endeavour basis. 

All the houses are well-equipped with social areas providing games room, wifi and Sky TV where they can relax in the evenings after a hard days training.

pastoral & Medical care

At Sedbergh Courses we realise that, for a lot of the children attending, it could well be the first time they have stayed away from home and we pride ourselves on the level of our pastoral care. To maintain continuity for the children on the courses the majority of coaches will also stay in the houses overnight, supported by our own pastoral staff. Should they feel in neeed of support there will always be a staff member available. For those parents also feeling a touch of separation anxiety we will provide a contact number, staffed at all times throughout the course, day and night.

The sports courses are physically demanding on the children so we will have a fully qualified nurse and also a physio onsite and available at all times. We ask parents for any medical information that we may need

food & entertainment

During the courses all meals will be provided by our own catering staff and will be available for those attending both residential and day courses. All meals will have options, including vegetarian and a salad bar. We can cater for most dietary requirements and allergies, but please do let us know when booking the course so that we can properly prepare.