Residential Snack Boxes for Sedbergh Summer Courses


For just £9.99 give your child a delightful surprise as they start their adventure at Sedbergh Summer Camp! Upon arrival, they will find a beautifully personalized, branded box filled with wellness and healthy snacks waiting in their boarding house.

In addition to these treats, the box includes a motivational greeting card from their coach, designed to inspire and uplift them.

Each box contains over 12 items from powerful brands tailored to meet athletes' needs, including: Cadbury Hot Chocolate Sachets | Heroes Journey Chocolate Bar | Popcorn Shed Salted Caramel Popcorn | Kooky Dried Banana Chew Snack Bag | The Curators High Protein Veggie Puffs BBQ | Fuel 10k Chocolate Cookies | UFIT Protein Sweet Chilli Crisps | Urban Fruits Dried Fruit Wellness Mixed Bag | Lottie Shaw Oat Flapjack | Heroes Journey Biltong Snack Bag.
*Brands and flavours may vary based on availability.

Alongside the treats, they'll find a motivational greeting card from their coach to inspire and uplift them.

To order follow the link below, or click "GO TO SHOP"

summer 2024 ordering deadlines:

8th july 10pm for 22nd july - 25th july courses

15th july 10pm for 29 july - 1 august courses

22nd july 10pm for 5th august - 8th august courses

If you have any questions about the Snack Boxes please contact

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