Thread of Gold - The Sedbergh Philosophy


At Sedbergh we believe children best develop skills and attitudes when they are inspired. Sedbergh courses aim to create a unique environment for the development of young players, as people and performers. Inspirational and cutting-edge coaches share their message and their personal experience.

Sedbergh’s Thread of GOLD: - GROWTH, ORIGINALITY, LEADERSHIP and DETERMINATION  are integrated into each programme with fun and enjoyment at the very heart of delivery.



Developing a self-aware conscious athlete



The ability to think independently and creatively



To inspire teammates in a dynamic environment towards a collective goal



To persevere and remain focused when presented with mental and physical challenges

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The magnificent location of Sedbergh means pupils can enjoy school life in a safe, healthy and dynamic environment. The opportunities for outdoor activities are almost unlimited – from a walk in the hills to mountain biking, or the calm of fishing to the challenge of kayaking.

While academic study is central for every pupil the experiences of a Sedberghian are never confined only to the classroom.