Performance Netball

for Girls U15 & U16 only (years 10 & 11) : 05 - 08 August 2024

Residential - £599.00 | Day - £349.00

The Performance Netball camp is all about helping the netball girls reach their full potential. Being able to deep dive into each individual’s game and help further develop their already established skillset whether that be technical, tactical or mindset.

Laura and Lauren have both travelled on the junior performance pathway journey and have mountains of knowledge and experience to help guide your children growth.

The camp will be as important off the court as it is on it, and we have a number of workshops to support the court time in order to provide a rich and authentic performance experience. The girls will leave inspired, supported and tired.

Manchester Thunder Vs Severn Stars Netball Super League 2024 Pre Season 18/11/2023

Laura Malcolm

Four times NSL Champ winning my last year, undefeated, as Captain! World Cup Silver Medalist with The Roses and NSL Technical Coach and head of pathways for Manchester Thunder

As a coach i’m passionate about empowering players to take ownership of their own game. For the last ten years I’ve played in the English Superleague, NZ ANZ Premiership, all whilst playing for England. I know what it takes to make it to the top, and that’s exactly what I like to instil in my players. I’m all about developing physical ability, understanding of the game and helping them find their elite mindset.

Lauren Palmer

Lauren Palmer

Six Times NPL Winning Coach, 3x U15 School Games Winning Coach, Roses Academy Assistant Coach and Pathway Head Coach for Manchester Thunder.

Coaching for me, is about making the team and the individuals the best they can be, focussing on encouraging players to reach their maximum potential. Pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas, being creative and coaching through chaos to reap the highest rewards and gain success. My competitive nature and passion for the sport is what drives me and those around me.

The key themes of the week will be:

  • Success under pressure

  • Creating, seeing, reading, and exploiting space in attack

  • Forcing high and wide in defence

  • Learning how to use Performance Analysis to aid performance

  • Positional Sessions for shooters, mid court and defence

  • Developing and implementing their own tactical strategies to problem solve 

  • learning to live the lifestyle of an elite athlete


About Laura

“I’m lucky enough to have been coached by Laura at various stages of my netball journey. From U15’s right through to U21’s she’s instilled nothing but confidence and passion into my game. She is, without a doubt, one of the smartest and creative coaches there is.” Yomi Wilson, Thunder U21s & England Futures.

About Lauren

“Lauren has supported me through my netball journey, especially in the Scottish thistles pathway, which has had a positive outcome. She's always been approachable, and has given me lots of good guidance when i've needed to make any big decisions. Above all else, Lauren has always strived to get the best out of my performance, which has helped me to believe in my abilities.” Alice McGetchy, Thunder U21s & Scottish Thistles A.

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