S.T.E.M. with Ben Hammonds

Course Dates:


20-23 July 2020

Ages 6-11

Age 6-8    Day - £299

Age 8-11   Residential – £495

Based at Casterton, Sedbergh Preparatory School


The STEM Course at Sedbergh Prep is a creative, practical experience where children learn through doing. It is a chance for students to put develop their knowledge and put it into practice as they design and build a range of exciting products. They will draw on a wide range of disciplines such as science, mathematics, computing and art and get hands-on with exciting tools and machinery.

The course will be based in our Prep School's dedicated design workshop which includes a robotics workshop, laser cutter, additive 3D printer and manufacturing equipment, as well as a dedicated CAD/Cam suite. Students will combine hands-on manufacturing with cutting edge 3D printing and laser cutting to create working models and prototypes.

There is also a comprehensive evening programme to further enhance this wonderful experience. This unique opportunity will allow children to taste the full boarding experience under the care of a devoted pastoral team second to none. Children will be residential at our Sedbergh Prep site in Casterton for the Easter date, 6-9 April, and will stay at our Sedbergh School site during the summer, 20-23 July.

Ben Hammonds

A Message from Ben

“The course is a fun and exciting opportunity for children to develop creative problem-solving skills and collaborate as a team. The course aims to instill a love of learning, a continued curiosity for the STEM subjects, and to inspire the next generation of inventors, innovators and problem solvers.“

What was the highlight of last year's course for you?

"The highlight of last year’s course was watching children, who had never met, work together, collaborate on designs, and solve problems. By the end of the week there was a real sense of camaraderie and achievement in the group."

What are you most looking forward to for the 2020 course?

"This year, I am most looking forward to meeting the new pupils and seeing what designs they come up with. There is no formal list of instructions, just a problem to solve, and each group tackles the projects differently and creates their own designs and solutions. It is exciting to see how each group creates different designs that solve a common problem; then we put them to the test and see which works best!"


“Just to say the children are LOVING the STEM course – absolutely bursting with excitement and chatter about the day they’ve had – thank you.”

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