performance rugby with Scott Riddell

for boys U15 & U16 only (years 10 & 11) : 22 - 25 July, 05 - 08 August 2024

residential - £599.00 | Day - £349.00

Developing an all-court skill set is the secret to unlocking the next level of performance and the transferable lessons from 7s to 15s and vice versa is how we are going to help your child grow to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Performing skills consistently well under lots of pressure (time and fatigue) will underpin an exciting course programme full of development plans, clan battles, irn bru, friendship and fun.

The Performance Rugby Course will be focussed on helping the individual grow, greater understanding of both team attack and defence, set piece and give more detail around individual positions.

We look forward to seeing you on the pitch.

Scott Riddell Photo

scott riddell

Scott Riddell is the former captain of the Scotland national sevens team and competed in three Commonwealth Games and 74 competitions in the HSBC World Sevens Series as well as play in the 2009, 2013 and 2018 Sevens World Cup since making his Scotland debut in the 2009 Wellington competition. He has also represented Great Britain in the Rugby Europe Sevens Circuit. In 2014/15 season he was named in the London 7s dream team due to his world class performances

  • ME – understanding and planning for the best version of myslef

  • RESILIENCE - Physical and Mental

  • GRIT – lets do what it takes to get the job done

  • STRONG MINDSET – react fast and firm

  • BALANCE – full life balance to maximise all avenues of life


"On behalf of myself and my Son I would like to say thank you to yourself and your fabulous coaching team. He seems to have had a great time on the Rugby performance Camp this week and is keen to attend again next year. He has talked about the high quality coaching he has received throughout the camp and the new friends and relationships he has formed. He had the confidence last night, whilst at club training to adapt games with ideas he learned from your camp. This was lovely to see."


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