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22-25 JULY   29 JULY – 1 AUGUST

FOR AGES 10-15




Karen is a former international Netballer who has won the Super League title as both a player and coach. Currently Head Coach of Manchester Thunder Karen works tirelessly in Greater Manchester and across England to develop young and aspiring netballers. She possess’ a wealth of knowledge from the very elite side of the sport and has an incredible ability to translate and transfer that knowledge to girls of all ages and abilities.

Karen will lead a programme based on her conviction that learning the game has to be fun, and that positive attitudes to practice and play are integral to development. She believes strongly in the power of teams, and that good players are good team mates.

Karen won 31 caps for England as a Shooter, including playing in the 2003 World Championships in Jamaica. As a player she captained the Thunder team to a dramatic last minute victory in the Super League final of 2012.


“The 2018 Netball Courses were a real milestone in my time as Lead Coach at Sedbergh. For the first time ever, we were at full capacity on both weeks allowing positive development for all girls in attendance. This year we have the Netball World Cup to use as a platform and spring board to inspire young girls to believe that they can achieve more than they ever thought possible”.


“We would like to thank you and all the coaches for the superb coaching and organisation during the Sedbergh courses. My 2 children attended 3 courses between them and both thoroughly enjoyed every minute!”





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