Leadership & international relations with Nick Twigg

Leadership and International Relations Academy

Age 9-16 : 29 July - 01 August 2024

RESIDENTIAL - £589.00 | DAY - £349.00

This is a four day version of our International Summer School's two week LIRA programme, for 9-16 year olds, which will enable young people to learn, explore and practice the foundations of how to lead themselves and others through personal coaching and experiential learning. It is designed to continuously stretch the pupils in an encouraging and supportive environment. The pupils will take part in a combination of individual working group tasks/challenges, practical workshops and outdoor activities with designated coaches who will support them with continuous feedback and assistance.


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Nick Twigg

Nick Twigg

Nick spent more than 20 years in Asia building high performance, multi-cultural teams in the corporate sector. Now he's lucky enough to keep learning from young people as he helps them get better at the stuff they care about. Nick loves rugby and mountains, and if pushed he could land a plane in a jungle.

The programme will focus on four main themes:-

LEADING - Pupils explore the big questions of leadership; What is leadership? What are the different styles and skills of leadership? How does leadership relate to me?

CARING - Great leaders need to get the best out of themselves and others. Pupils will work on developing self-awareness, confidence, empathy, resilience and adaptability.

CONNECTING - Learning how to communicate powerfully and negotiate with stakeholders, pupils will understand how building and sustaining relationships with others helps us to navigate life’s challenges.

EXPLORING - Pupils explore why creativity is important to performance and use recognised tools to explore problems in ways that develop new and interesting solutions.

  • Leadership styles to navigate all situations

  • Goal setting to develop an individual plan

  • Enhanced communication and negotiation skills

  • Creativity tools to solve complex problems in new and interesting ways

  • Taking responsibility and being accountable

  • Coaching skills

  • Reflection as part of performance improvement

  • Being part of - and leading - team

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