Junior sport & Activities Course

Course Dates:

06 - 09 April 2021 

Ages 6-13  Day Only - £299


26 - 29 July 2021

02 - 05 August 2021

Ages 6-11

Age 6-8   Day - £299

Age 8-11  Residential – £499

Based at Casterton, Sedbergh Preparatory School

The Junior Activities Couse is a combination of our Sport Development, STEM and Musical Theatre Courses and will comprise of 3 main elements - Sport Skill Development, Inspiring Activities and most of all Fun! This is not only a great opportunity for all children to get some dedicated time to develop multiple skill sets across many sports, using elements of Cricket, Rugby, Hockey, Football, Athletics, to name a few, but they will also be challenged to think creatively with elements of STEM and Performing Arts. 

The STEM element of the course will draw on a wide range of disciplines such as science, mathematics, computing and art and will be based in our Prep School's dedicated design centre under the supervision of the talented Ben Hammonds. The performing Arts Workshop will give students the chance to experience dance, drama, singing, together with learning about theatre skills and much more. We are extremely lucky to have Helena Lockwood running the workshop, who believes in the children being able to share their work and passions in a safe and secure environment to foster a positive experience of the arts.

For those attending on a residential basis there will also be a comprehensive evening programme to further enhance this wonderful experience. This unique opportunity will allow children to taste the full boarding experience under the care of a devoted pastoral team second to none. Children will be residential at our Sedbergh School site during the summer.

meet the coaches


rupert bunday

Rupert Bunday is the current Director of Sport for Sedbergh Preparatory School and has a wealth of experience as an athlete and a coach. He is incredibly passionate about sporting development and believes in prioritising fundamental athletic movement and transferable sporting skills.

Ellie Thompson

ellie thompson

Ellie has a real passion for teaching and inspiring others. Following University, she was the Female Sports Coach at Sedbergh Prep, Hockey Coach at Sedbergh school and Kirkby Lonsdale U14 Hockey Coach.  She aspires to create a positive learning environment, where everyone can develop, achieve and most importantly have fun.

Ben Hammonds

Ben hammonds

Ben is Head of Design, Technology and Engineering at Sedbergh Preparatory School. He has two degrees; a Master’s in Transport Design and a First with Honours in Industrial Design. After a varied career in the design industry he realised his real passion was teaching. Ben creates fun and exciting projects where children develop strategic problem solving skills and experiential learning takes place; children learn through doing.

Dsc 0241

helena lockwood

Helena graduated from Cumbria Institute of Arts in 2008 with a first class degree in Performing Arts. She performs as a solo singer and as part of “Helena and the Hotshots”. Helena is trained in a variety of dance styles including Contemporary, Jazz, Street, Tap and Ballet and also plays the saxophone and clarinet.

physical literacy

In addition to the sports and activities programme, all children will also take part in our Physical Literacy (PL) sessions. PL is current across all junior sports programmes and is defined as   ".. being the ability to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities in multiple environments that benefit the healthy development of the whole person".


“Our son thoroughly enjoyed himself this week. The variety of activities and the new people he has met has resulted in him having an amazing time. He was so disappointed this morning that it was the last day today!Please pass on my thanks to all those involved - it has been such a great experience for him and one that I am sure he would like to repeat in the future.”


“Our child had a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute of the course.  Each evening, they would get into the car and immediately start talking about the day with much enthusiasm.  Perfect for every sports crazy child, I’m so glad their friend mentioned it and asked them along. Thanks for making them feel so welcome.”


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