Junior Sport Development

Course Dates:

06 - 09 April 2020

Ages 6-11 

Age 6-8   Day - £299

Age 8-11  Residential – £495

Based at Casterton, Sedbergh Preparatory School

The ultimate opportunity to take part in the Junior Sport Development Programme at Sedbergh Prep School which not only promises to be lots of fun but an experience that will help nurture any sporting enthusiast's future.

Sedbergh are very passionate around developing children through sport and this course will concentrate on "Physical Literacy" through the fundamental movement skills of Agility, Balance and Co-ordination, giving them the ability to change body position quickly and efficiently, improving their balance, both static and dynamic and to build up more and more complicated movements, and perform them in a smooth and efficient manner. The A,B,C's of Physical Literay are required in all sport and will help your child stay active for life.

To develop and inspire your children we could not wish for a better coach. Rupert Bunday (Director of Sport, Sedbergh Preparatory School) has a wealth of experience as an athlete and a coach and will look to deliver an unforgettable Junior Sport Development Programme.

The excitement doesn’t stop on the sports field. There is also a comprehensive evening programme to further enhance their stay with us. This unique opportunity will allow children to taste the full boarding experience at our Sedbergh Prep site with a devoted pastoral team second to none.


A message from rupert

“At Sedbergh Preparatory School we are incredibly passionate about sporting development. From an early age we prioritise fundamental athletic movement, transferable sporting skills and personal qualities across all sports. I am looking forward to an action packed week working with young sports enthusiasts.”


“Many thanks to you and all the team at the Junior Sports Development course. My son and daughter both had a fantastic time, we were very impressed with everything they told us about the course. The following weekend my son went on a rugby tour where he was voted by the coaches as player of the tournament for his improvement, so the course is clearly taking effect. My daughter is also showing a much more can do attitude towards her sports and her independence and confidence has definitely grown from her residential experience.”


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