Girls Rugby with charlotte barras

Course Dates:

27 - 30 July 2020

For Ages 10-15

Fully Residential  – £495

Girls Rug

Girls’ and Women’s rugby is one of sport's great success stories, experiencing unprecedented growth around the world. We are now delighted to offer a Girls’ Rugby course at Sedbergh this summer.

Similar to the boys’ course we will create an environment for children that is inspiring and affords opportunities to explore the game, develop skills whilst emphasising tactical awareness. #BeatTheGame

Each girl will be individually developed, challenged and supported. Consistent themes of the course will include creativity in breaking through, over or around strong defences and exploring various ways of getting the ball back in defence.

The development of the women’s and girls’ game is the single greatest opportunity for Rugby to grow and we, at Sedbergh Courses, are fully committed to inspiring the next generation of Girls in rugby.

Charlotte Barras 1

About charlotte

During her career for England Charlotte earned  42 Caps and played both the 15 and the 7s game.

She was part of the England squad that reached the Rugby World Cup Final in 2010 against New Zeland and was the only member of the team to score a try during the match.

Best rugby moment? 

Playing with an awesome England Sevens team

And the worst?

Losing out in the quarter-final to Australia in the World Cup Sevens


“I am proud of dramatically improving my catching with just 2 days coaching and cant wait to see what else I can learn when I attend the Summer Course at Sedbergh. I enjoyed the fiji touch training as was a good mix of new and old skills and I am so excited that Sedbergh are running rugby for girls in 2020!“

 Female attendee sedbergh uae rugby camp 2019

“I was so proud of my daughter attending the rugby course, she found some skills tough as they were new to her, but she persevered and came away with a real sense of achievement. Testament to the quality of the coaching is that even though my children have attended various Sedbergh courses over the last 4 years, they are still keen to sign up again and always come away having learnt something new!“


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