Design School with Vic Thompson

age 9-13 : 22 - 25 July 2024

residential - £589.00 | day - £349.00

based at casterton, sedbergh prep school

Develop your design and engineering skills through a series of real world problems.

The aim of this course is to inspire and develop future designers and engineers who have the fundamental skills and design approaches to help solve real world problems, both now and in the future.

The different projects undertaken at the Design School will support the development of essential skills in communication, research and development, creativity and innovation and evaluation, which, alongside practical workshop skills form part of the all-important design process.

Vic Thompson

Vic Thompson

Vic Thompson is currently Head of DTE at Sedbergh Prep School. She trained as a design engineer, undertaking a BSc in Industrial Design before working for the Environment Agency and in the medical and consumer goods sectors. Vic retrained to be a teacher and worked at Queen's Gate School in London before heading to the fells of Cumbria to join Sedbergh Prep in 2021. She sees an integral part of her role as inspiring children to discover STEM, particularly at a young age as research says it is critical to engage children with STEM based subjects whilst at Primary School. 


Course attendees will be exposed to a series of diverse, practical projects that will include:

  • CAD / CAM - 3D printing, laser printing, Tinker CAD, Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Workshop - using tools and machinery

  • Technical Drawing 

  • Smart Materials - such as thermochromic, photochromic, polymorphic

  • Robotics and coding

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