the complete sports course

ages 5-11 - residential from age 8 : 02 - 05 april 2024

residential - £350 : day - £250.00

based at casterton, sedbergh prep school

Learning and development in the early years gives a great foundation for all children to flourish in their chosen field later in their journey. Developing the whole child is something we are incredibly passionate about at Sedbergh Courses and this Course provides many fun and exciting opportunities to challenge and develop brain skills, sporting pedigree, physical and social development.

Each day will be split into sections and every attendee will take part in a carousel of activities ensuring that all individuals have plenty of opportunity to develop in different environments.

The fun doesn’t stop there. With a comprehensive evening programme to further enhance our core values we have a residential option for 8–11-year- This unique opportunity allows children to stand on their own two feet, taste a full boarding experience and grow independence.

What do young people want from sport?

  • Choice – they want to help design the training sessions, GAMIFICATION style

  • Learn new skills

  • Challenge – suitable level of challenge with support scaffold around activity

  • Fun & Enjoyment with friends

  • Variety – try various positions across many sports


“Our son thoroughly enjoyed himself this week. The variety of activities and the new people he has met has resulted in him having an amazing time. He was so disappointed this morning that it was the last day today! Please pass on my thanks to all those involved - it has been such a great experience for him and one that I am sure he would like to repeat in the future.”


“Our child had a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute of the course.  Each evening, they would get into the car and immediately start talking about the day with much enthusiasm.  Perfect for every sports crazy child, I’m so glad their friend mentioned it and asked them along. Thanks for making them feel so welcome.”


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