Bushcraft and Survival Skills

Course Dates:

01 - 04 August 2022

For Ages 10-15

Fully Residential – £499

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Throughout the four days of this new course, we will all be trying new things, learning new skills, having huge amounts of fun and making new friendships! 

With climate change and its implications close to our hearts, we want to empower our younger generations to make a real impact on the future health of our planet.  Protecting our environment and the wildlife living in it are key to all of our futures.

Outside learning, bushcraft and adventure are not only fun and exciting, but also provide essential benefits in terms of children’s personal, social and emotional development.

These are a few of the things our team are busy planning: -

  • Bushcraft and survival skills -  Foraging, Fire Making, Cooking, Shelter Building
  • Camping Out Overnight!
  • Traditional Dales farm visit, meeting the animals and learning about where our food comes from
  • Tracking wildlife and discovering how nocturnal animals hunt
  • Exploring conservation and survey techniques – Kick Sampling and Species Identification
  • Remote Monitoring with Camera Traps and Ecoacuoustics
  • Navigation and Nature Treasure Hunts


“The benefits of taking pupils out of their everyday surroundings was absolutely invaluable. I saw our pupils shine. The experiences gained have, without a doubt, developed them into more independent and motivated young people.“

Head of Year 11 Achievement, South Shore Academy

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