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Prep Sport Programme



NON RESIDENTIAL – £299       08.30-17.30 DAILY


A unique opportunity to take part in the Junior ‘Athlete’ Development Programme at Sedbergh Prep School which not only promises to be lots of fun but an experience that will help nurture your young athletes future within sport.

Sedbergh are very passionate around developing children through sport and this course will specialise on developing basic cognitive skills and positive character traits at the most pivotal stage of junior development.

To inspire your children we could not wish for better coaching with Mark Shopland (Sedbergh Senior School Hockey Coach) leading Hockey and Chris Wakeford (Sedbergh Senior School Athletics Coach) leading athletics. Both have a wealth of experience as athletes and coaches and as a pair will look to co-deliver an unforgettable Junior Athlete Development Programme.

In support of Chris and Mark we will have a team of coaches led by Craig Brennan of Little Sports Coaching that will deliver other sporting activities such as golf, tag rugby, swimming, cricket and more.

A Message from Craig Brennan

“Children of all abilities can confidently take part in sport and develop all attributes of any successful athlete. We very much look forward to working with Mark and Chris to provide a powerful programme that positively shapes all participants future in sport and develop other key attributes that will be used throughout their lives.”

Craig Brennan – CEO & Founder Little Sports Coaching

Mark Shopland

“Hockey has provided me with many fantastic experiences. It is a game that gives a great opportunity to develop so many different fundamental skills for all ages and ability. Throughout my delivery the one major core value that underpins activity is TEAMWORK. The ability to be an independent thinker and then act as part of a team is the greatest skill of all”.

Chris Wakeford

“I am thoroughly looking forward to sharing my knowledge with the young athletes where I will be focusing on basic movement skills and efficiency of running and jumping techniques as these are transferable not just in athletics but across all sports.”




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